Barbie Celebrations

Welcome On Board–we are celebrating the hard work from our Crew Members in the Cockpit and as Flight Attendants. We are most fortunate to benefit from the Great Skills of our Female Captains and First Officers. For those who have taken the time to enjoy the Barbie Movie and a cast of great stars, this is truly the time to recognize that the Aviation World is changing.

Allow us to recognize all young aviators with a complementary  Barbie, compliment of Fly Private Vegas. A total of two dolls will be dedicated to each Private Jet Booking with our compliments.

Your Charter quote will include all the information “How to Claim your Barbie”.¬†

Barbie Flight Attendant

Barbie would recommend that you compare flight options and costs. Our Team Members will be delighted to assist. Become a smart and well informed private jet flyers and consider:

1) The newest group of Very Light Jets shich include the Hondajet and the Citation M2 should be on your wish list. Over 70% of all Charters/Rentals are under 3.2 Hours.

For longer flights don’t overlook the newest Phenom 300 with 7 seats–it’s the darling of the business flyers.

2) You will be able to get multiple aircraft options and prices, simply ask for a quote. Details for the complimentary Barbie dolls will be included.

3) Take a moment to compare aircraft in our fleet options here.¬† Have questions, reach-out to our airport desk at 702-336-7345. We have a number of Barbie’s on our team who will be here to assist.

Barbie Captain

Did you know?–You will be able to Rent-Charter a Private Jet is the same way you pay for a Ride Share. You only pay for the Charter Hours. Hourly costs for a Pilatus PC12 Turbo Prop commence at under $1,000 per hour. Getting a quote is simple, no credit card needed:

1) Ask for a quote, all it takes is your flight schedule and the number of seats you need.

2) Arriving at you inbox, view several aircraft options (We selected the best planes and Pricing) with details such as Cabin Charts, Bar and beverage Services, Free WIFI. Prices for each charter option are displayed side-by-side. All taxes and fees are included.

3) Select a plane and receive a charter proposal directly from the Flight Operator with Guaranteed Prices and flight confirmations.

4) You select and our Concierge Team will contact you to confirm and update you on the aircraft, flight crew and departure lounges.

Barbie's flight

Barbie will understand that flying is very personal. A good flight can mean peace of mind, feeling relaxed and enjou time with friends and family. Our Team Members take time to understand your needs. You take your time. No need for any upfront commitments- we are here to provide you with a great journey and soft landing. No request is too small, from you flight bookings to resort bookings at the Wynn or Caesars please contact us at 702-336-7345. Come visit us at Vegas Express Jet.

Barbie's Vegas Best

Beyond the glitz and glitter of the magic Vegas Strip is the Great Golf and Sports Events. From Concerts at the Smith Center to a short one day Disneyland Visit by private Jet. Visit the Las Vegas Territory Here. We have Barbie join you!