Get the Best Price for a your Private Jet flight

Private Jets can be pricey, you have the ability to directly control you charter prices and rental costs. Follow some simple steps and you can enjoy a luxury flights at the lowest prices. Start you savings here and download for you future plans and searches. Don’t forget to do your homework and compare several options and pricing. Does you quote include all the taxes and fees.  For additional savings did you consider Open Legs. A great option when you have a flexible schedule. It’s up to you to get the best price of a Private Jet!

  1. Over 70% of all Charter Rentals are under 2,3 hours. Most flights operated with 2-3 passengers. Aircraft builders like Cessna, Honda and Ambreaer introduced a series of very light jets with prices from $3.5 to $5-Million. The jets in this group are build with light weight carbon fibers and are fuel efficient.

  2. Hourly Charter Costs are 30% lower when compared with Midsize Jets which include the Lear 60.

  3. The 5 Seat Hondajet is one of the most preferred Very Light Jets- within this group you should consider the Cessna Citation M2 with 5 seats and a fully enclosed washroom. The Citation has an interior designed by BMW- large comfortable seats are yours to enjoy.

Your best price for your Charter Rental

Renting a Very Light Jet is a smart move for flights under 1,000 miles. You may need to upgrade to a larger Phenom 300 Jet or the Citation M3 for flights from Dallas to Las Vegas or from LAX to Seattle or Portland.Prices for very light Jets range from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour.  Costs for the long haul Phenom 300 range from $3,500 to $4,000 per hour. Don’t overlook your ability to secure an “Open Leg”–this is a flight which operates after the clients have been delivered to their destination–the aircraft returns back to base without any revenue passengers–this is considered an empty legs. Such flights are displayed on our in-house system and they are yours with deep discounts which range from 30-60%. 


How much is the price I pay for my Jet Charter-Rental

Ask us for a quote and we will do all the work for you- we helpp you select the best jet for your trip and will alwasy search for open legs- all our prices are 30% lower than Jet Cards & Fractionals (compare with Timeshares in the air.) No need to sign-up for membership fees! 

  1. Simply ask for a quote–all it takes is your flight schedule, destination and number of seats you need.

  2. Fly Private Vegas, Vegas Express Jet will search for your best prices and send you a quote with several aircraft types, seating charts and side-by side pricing. Compare Bar Packages and WIFI services. 

  3. After you compare aircraft and pricing–the decision is yours and proceed with the very best option. This includes special pricing for Open Legs (Yours within 30-13 days before your departure date- booking late can be a great cost saver)

  4. View your inbox for a Guaranteeed Charter Agreement from the Charter Operator directly to you. This to include the aircraft registration number (Tail  Number and the name of your flight operator) Hold your charter with a Credit Card or make a payment via a Bank Check Payment. Final payment is due 24/72 hours before your departure.