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.You’re invited—Securing an invitation from a Las Vegas casino resort to receive a complimentary charter flight on a private plane operated by MGM, Venetian, or Caesars typically requires building a strong relationship with the casino and meeting certain criteria. While I can provide you with general guidelines, please note that specific invitation criteria and processes may vary between resorts. Here are some steps you can take to get invited, book your own Jet Charter–or your trip could be free of charge. Take a moment to explore and download your options. You could be leaving from one of the 4,000 Private Jet Airports. Get your invitation-just in case we will be here to provide you with a wide range of options to make your own Private Jet arrival on the Vegas Strip a reality!

Casino Jets, Get invited and Fly Private

Take some steps to get connected Join the loyalty clubs at the Casinos on the Vegas Strip. This is the tool used by the Casino to track your time and investments you make–soon after you sign-up you will receive special rewards.

Casino Jet, Your own Vegas Flight

Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet like to extend a very special invitation: 1) Ask us for a quote for a Private Jet and experience one of the new Very Light Jets. This includes the Hondajet and the Cessna Citation M2 with seating for 5 passengers. 

Prices for the Very Light Jets range from $2,900 to $3,000 per hour. Aircraft in this group will take you on a flight of 2.3 hours and cover a distance of about 1,000 mile.

Just in case, the new Phenom 300 Jet offers sating for up to 7 guests–this jet has an interior designed by BMW.

How much is a Private Casino Flight

Low cost, instant price quotes are here for you to compare aircraft type with interior photos and seating plans. All is needed is your preferred flight schedule and number of seats you need.  Arriving at your in-box are several  prices and  quotes for your to compare. View seating plans and details for Bar services, washroom and baggage space.

The costs for the planes are displayed side-by-side making it easy to compare. 

You select one of the offers and receive a direct link for your flight proposal and flight conformations. Now you will be able to select one of the planes and proceed.

Optionally you may select and hold the plane with your credit card. Payment is due 24/72 hours before departure.

Get Set, Your Casino Jet is confirmed.

Do you need more charter options, or do you wish to make a schedule change? Our Concierge Team is here to address all your needs. From extra juices in the bar compartment to a confirmation for your furry friends. Flying Private is yours with the support of flight planners, a Concierge Team and a Group Planner.  For support call us at 702-336-7345.

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Arriving on the Vegas Strip is a dream come true-you can make it happen with the assistance from your Casino Hosts–or do it your way and get a group together and use crowd funding to make it a totally free flight with the help of your guests. Fly Private Vegas has assisted many group organizers with plans that work. Have questions, please call our travel desk at 702-720-2449. That’s is our Google Social Phone Contact!