Private Planes to Las Vegas

Arriving at the Las Vegas Strip with your own Private Plane is an exiting experience- it’s a once in a lifetime experience. You very personal ad venture which will provide you, your famlity with photos and images you will share with your friends. What makes a Private Jet so special? You enjoy a flight which departs from a Private Airport Lounge, no lines or TSA. Commercial airlines require you to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight. When you fly private it’s OK to meet your crew members in the lounge 15 minutes before departure.  Take a moment to explore your options and costs–we will make it happen- more

Private Planes to Las Vegas

A great part of your Charter-Rental costs will be based on the type of plane you select. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,000 miles, that is about 2.3  hours of flying time.

The airline-aviation industry now offers a new group of Private Jets. The Hondajet has 5 seats and is a great choice for flights distances under 2.3 hours. The Cessna Citation M2 with a interior designed by BMW is a great choice.

When you fly Private WIFI services is free of charge. A Bar and Beverage package with a wide selection of cocktails is yours.  You will have a wide selection of entertainment programs on-board.

Enjoy a generous snack basket or ask us for a special catering menu!

How much is a Private Plane to Vegas?

The price you pay for a Private Jet is based on your charter hours. The hours are based on your flight time from your airport to your destination and time required to return the aircraft back to base. Your options are as follows: Very Light Jets, which include the Hondajet and the Citation M2 have 5 seats, a fully enclosed washroom and ample baggage space. Expect rates from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour.

  One of the newest planes is the Vision Jet which has seating for three travelers since the last row of seats is used for baggage. The Vision Jet has a build-in parachute for your safety and in case of an emergency has a “self landing system”.

The Pilatus PC12 Turbo Prop is a great buy for very short flights with a price tag of $1,600 per hour. Aircraft is available at selected airports which include Santa Barbara and the North Las Vegas Airport. Feel free to ask for a quote-no obligations on your part.


Get the Price for a Private Jet

Take your time to compare you airplane options. Make certain that the prices you receive include all the taxes and fees. A 7.5% FET (Federal Excise Tax applies to all US flights.) it’s a smart move to compare aircraft and pricing side-by-sideWe will be here to do all the work for you without a need to make any up-front payments. No risks on your side, it works as follows and takes three simple steps:

STEP 1, Simply ask for a quote, share your flight schedule (from to) and the number of seats your need.

STEP 2, Arriving at your in-box are the very best quotes FLY PRIVATE VEGAS secured on you behalf from some 80 plus FAA Approved Charter Operators. You compare interior photos, options and prices with a side-by-side display of total costs.

STEP 3. You may select any of the quotes–The Charter operator provide you with Guaranteed Rates and Flight confirmations  after you decide to proceed. Now you will be able to accept and approve you charter agreement. This includes the Registration of the Aircraft (Tail Number) and the name of your FAA Authorized Charter Operator. No hidden fees or last minute charges.

Hold the plane with your credit card or pay via a Bank Check. Final payment is due, 24-72 hours before flight departure.

Whenever you need more quotes or have questions call one of our Flight Planners at 702-336-7345. No request is too small! Free quotes are yours.

Charter questions we answered today!

DO YOU OFFER OPEN LEGS? Yes we maintain a fully updated inventory. A great option for Travelers with a flexible schedule. For example we assisted a client who booked a roundtrip weekend flight from Las Vegas to John Wayne. The normal roundtrip for a Very Light Citation M2 is about $12,000, she booked it as an open leg at $6,000 or &1,200 per seat!

CAN I BUY SINGLE SEATS? Yes Fly Private Vegas will be here to handle, please submit your requests to our Airport desk at 702-336-7345.

CAN I TRAVEL WITH MY GOLDEN RETRIEVER? Yes, we will confirm a space, no problem.. Over 20% of all our flights include Furry Partners. All our Team Members are full time, no commissions or hidden fees.

No worries we do not sell any information you provide for marketing programs-  we have served the Las Vegas Resorts for 20 plus years and respect your privacy! May we provide you with a quote?