You can make more money, You can't make time

We let you relax and find the time to focus on  growing your business:

  • Take advantage of the newest category of Private Planes. 
  • The newest Hondajet and Citation M2 aircraft provide seating for 3-5 guests and a range of 1000 miles
  • Aircraft are a superior options for day trips throughout California and allow you to visit the small cities not served by the Commercial Airlines.
  • Your flight schedule you way, we assist with conference rooms for presentations to your franchise owners or key accounts.
  • Affordable rates range from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour.  This covers cover a 10 hour day trip.  Average costs range from $7,200 to $9,000 for a full day charter. Aircraft include the services of a Captain and First officer. 

Comparing your Very Light Jet Options The choice is yours, for extra support call our airport desk at (1)702-336-7345

  • Our fleet options include all types of aircraft with 4-30 seats. Fly to over 4,000 airports.
  • Very Light Jets with 3-5 seats from $1,900 to $2,700 per hour. Range up to 3,2 hours. Best choices for short trips from LAX Van Nuys, Bon Hope, Long Beach to Las Vegas. Expect weekend Friday-Sunday rates from $13,500 to $14,750.
  • Medium Jets which include the Phenom 300 with up to 7 seats with a fully enclosed lavatory from $3,500- to $4,000 per hour.  The Phenom is the newest and most preferred business Jet.  Fly this Jet from Deerfield-Chicago to LAX or the Vegas Strip.
  • Please ask us for   a quote- instant responses via Text message at 702-336-7345


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  • Your charter costs are based on the hourly charter fees. Rates Jet. Are Team Members will be here to address any questions you may have. Get a quote

Getting a quote that meets your needs:

  • Carefully review your Charter Agreement. Did you receive a quote or Guaranteed Pricing
  • How about the Federal Excise Taxes–is this price shown and included?
  • Did you receive a seating chart? Compare seats and benches. Avoid the use of bench seats on long haul flights.
  • How much baggage will you carry-has the allowance for each guests been addressed.
  • Do you need Pet Approvals?


Included in a free quote:

  • Several aircraft options with seating charts and information pertaining to WIFI and Seating Charts
  • Fully Transparent rates with costs for charter hours, taxes and fees.
  • Compare the rates for your options side-by-side. You decided

Fly Private Vegas does not hard sell you on Jet Cards, Memberships or Fractionals (Like Timeshares). You have the tools to determine which options meets your needs.  Always make certain that your Charter Proposal includes Guaranteed rates, taxes and flight confirmations. 

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