Jet Net Charter is the newest and precise tool you need.  It helps you determine the costs for your next charter “How Much is my Private Jet”.

It is the Tool your need to help you to determine how you like to “Fly Private”. Programs– that best fit your current and future needs. Our custom crafted programs are  designed for you. We help you explore:

  • Ownership of your own Private Plane for Business or Leisure Travel –or a combination.
  • FRACTIONAL ownership allowing you to purchase a 1/7th or 10% share of a plane which meets your needs.
  • JET CARDS- Evaluate 150 plus available jet cards and determine your best options
  • Provide with a custom analysis ofprivate jet programs and solutions that work for you.

It's yours with our Jet-Consult Program. Plan your future travel!


Receive a Free quote for your next Private Jet Journey. Follow our Three Step Program for instant pricing:

  1. Share your flight schedules and number of seats you need
  2. Receive quotes for several plane types, compare photos, seating charts and details such as WIFI. Charter costs are displayed side-by-side.
  3. Like to proceed, receive a charter proposal with GUARANTEED rates and flight availability. You may proceed and accept–or ask for more quotes. Our Air Concierge Team will updated you on airport services, catering at 702-336-7345


A program designed to provide you with a custom analysis outlining the options and programs that are focused on your current and future needs:

  1. All the benefits of FREE quotes
  2. Options and costs to potentially own and operate your own Jet.
  3. Offsetting the costs of your Private Jet with the use of Charter programs, how to work with the FAA Authorized operators, from ownership costs to crew and maintanance
  4. Fractional ownership, own 1/7th or 10% of a Private Jet. The benefits and responsibilities.
  5. Review of available Jet carts that meet your travel requirements.
  6. Full summary of your options with recommendations that meet your short and long term needs.

 How does it work?  FREE quotes are yours at ny time. No charge or Fees.

The Jet-Consult program includes a 10 minute interview by one of our Flight Planners to determine your past Private Jet or Commercial Air Travel.  The origination and destination airports.  How many hours have you been flying and your future needs for Business and or Leisure Travel.’

Other questions will deal with your need to own plane or you may consider a Fractional ownership.  The optional use of Jet Cards will be considred for Local or Regional Travel.  We will address the option for Open Legs and One way Charters. The Bottomline of the report will help you make well informed decisions, you may review with your financial planner or business associated.

We wanted you to enjoy a lifetime souvenir of a Plane Tag for your keys or laptop bag. Each tag is made from the skin of a Boeing or Airbus Jet and will arrive at you home within two to three weeks. 

The JET-CONSULT program includes you ability to invest 10-15 minutes for a casual interview by one of our Flight Planners.  A FEE of $99- applies and is collected at the time the analysis commences. Pay by Credit Card!