Vegas Private Jets for the Holidays

The Vegas Strip is a “Hot Destination” for the Holidays. Lifetime, journey! Big name entertainment is at Caesars, Bellagio and the Wynn. It’s a great time to wager at the Downtown Circa–the ultimate Sports Book.  The fireworks and celebrations on the Strip will be your “Lifetime Experience”.  Flying to the Vegas Strip with your very own Jet Charter i very special.  This is the place your limousine will be here for a planeside welcome and short ride to your Vegas Resort.

Fly Private Vegas has more choices and options for your Private Jet. Your options are unlimited- here is sample:

  1. The newest Very Light Jets which include the Hondajet and the Citation M2, each with 5 seats and pricing from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. Slightly more on peak holidays.
  2. The New Phenom 300, the most preferred business jet which takes you from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin to Las Vegas Nonstop. 7 Seats, pure luxury with WIFI and nonstop services. Hourly rates from $3,5000 to $4,000 per hour.’
  3. Need more seats–Make it a Party Jet or Celebration for your Wedding, Renewal or maybe your Elope adventure. We have the 10-12 Seat Challengers and the Gulfstream with up to 14 seats. Prices from $4,900 per hour.  Take this jet to Maui, Disneyworld or Vegas. 

Fly Private Vegas has hundreds of Jets to choose from, all provided by 70 Plus Jet Operators. Experience fully transparent rates with side-by-side quotes.

Travel solutions for you and your team:

  • Travel with your team, your schedule. We help you select the vey best and cost efficient aircraft with the seatins you need
  • We work within your budget. Fly the newest category of Very Light Jets which include the Hondajet and the new Citation M2 with 5 seats.
  • Fly midweek, you may be able to avoid the peak weekend dynamic upcharges and fees.
  •  Your flights depart and arrive at Private Airport Lounges (FBP’s), you will avoid long lines with No TSA and no waiting.
  • Take your friends on a Golf Journey to Pebble Beach or the California Wineries. Our Concierge Team will custom craft your itinerary.
  • For all types of Private, Sports or Business Charters our Team members work in unison with your departments and address all the needs you may have. From special desks to customized catering services for sports teams. 

Flight solutions to keep your plans and people together:

We provide the most customizable flight solutions giving you the charter aircraft for groups of any size.  Our smallest Jets offer from 3-5 seats.  Midsize and Super Midsize Aircarft accommodate up to12 travelers.  Our Larger Business Jetswhich include the Embraer 135 offer 30 seats.  For Sports team we recommend the Boeing 737 with 57 Business or up to 160 Standard Seats.

Before you start you Group bookin, plan ahead:

  1. Your flight schedule, allow time for check-in and baggage handling
  2. Seat Assignments, highly recommended
  3. Will you depart from a commercial airport or do you prefer a FBO Private Lounge
  4. Special Meal requests
  5. Is your schedule firm.
  6. Before you start planning, get help from our Jet Team at 702-336-7345

With our custom services we can arrange private airport terminals or departures from Private Lounges for Business-Incentive Travel

For sports charters address the need for the transportation of special sports equipment and special meals you may require. For late departures, remember certain airports may impose curfew times.