Hondajet fixed Charter Costs

THE HONDA JET ELITE II is one of the most technologically advanced, eco friendly, and economical aircraft on the market. Setting new standards in fuel efficiency, performance.  comfort and fuel economy. This is the Jet you should select for flights from Dallas to Las Vegas, or from LAX to Seattle. Any time, any place please feel free to call our Airport desk for Hondajet fixed Charter costs.

You will appreciate a spacious cabin with seating for 5 guests.

Sample Fixed Pricing for the 5 Seat Hondajet

  1. LAX airports Van Nuys, Bob Hope, Long Beach, Ontario, Carlsbad to the Las Vegas Airports Lounges at the Atlantic Terrminal, Signature on the Vegas Strip, The Henderson Executive Airport: Charter costs One Way $6,000
  2. LAX, Van Nuys to the Oakland Airport $7,000
  3. OAKLAND to the Las Vegas Airports $8,000

The above prices cover all your charter costs including fuel upcharges. A Federal Excise Tax of 7.5% plus segment fees of $4.50 per person and handling fees are extra and not included.

You will be able to save from 30-40% with OPEN LEGS, please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345

(open legs are flights which are operated after the charter party has been delivered to their destination. The aircraft and crew return to base without revenue passengers- this is considered an open leg. Well suited for passengers who like to fly private and have a flexible schedule. 

Like to own your own Hondajet?

You will be able to purchase you own Hondajet with new prices from $4.7 to $5- Million Dollars. Or purchase a 1/10 or 1/7th share of this aircraft.

Other options include Jet Cards and Memberships with prepaid hours.

Optionally, experience the Hondajet at our Low One Way rates introduced in our Fixed rates.


Our Team Members will be here to assist you secure any type of Jet. From the Honda Jet to the new Citation M2 or the newest hot jets like the Phenom 300. This amongst the most preferred Business Jets. 

Aircraft Ownership can be very rewarding provided you have all the details in place. Will you be using the Aircraft for your business? Or will you mix some trips with pleasure? Do consider you ability to use your aircraft for Private Charters to offset most of your ownership costs.Anticipating all your needs will provide you with substantial cost savings–the location of your business or residence will have a direct impact on the taxes you pay. Under certain conditions  you will be able to avoid sales taxes. We will be here to guide you from the moment you consider the Lease or Purchase of your own aircraft. Please call our Airport desk at 702-336-7345 and ask for our Director Han Geskes. Do take advantage of our initial free 30 minute consultation meeting- no risks or obligations on your part! We take your personal flight experience to a higher level.

Buying your own plane is a lifetime experience- learning how to fly and a total freedom of any place at anytime you wish to explore. We like to share all the details from the purchase price to full ownership costs and responsibilities. Before you buy and fly experience a Jet Charter Rental Option. For full disclosure we do not sell you a plane–we are here to help you make the very best decisions.

Han Geskes

Managing Director.