How much is the Price for a jet to Vagas

Welcome “On Board” we help you explore the Private Jet Rentals and Charters- soon you will discover and download the steps you need to take a get a great deal for your next trip to the Vegas Strip. The plane you select and how many seats your need have a direct impact on your costs. Avoiding Pricey Memberships and Prepaid Jet Cards are big money savers.  Don’t overlook deep discounted Open Legs with savings form 30-60%. Follow a couple of steps and start your journey!

The Plane you select!

Over 70% of all Private Jet Charters are under 1,000 miles or about 2,3 hours. The newest group of Private Jets include the Hondajet and the Cessna Citation M2. Aircraft in this group are Fuel Efficient. Aircraft seating is typically from 4-5 seats.  The Cessna Interior is designed by BMW with large comfortable seats.  Each of the aircraft are washroom equipped. Aircraft in this category are listed as Very Light Jets. 

For example if you fly on a weekend trip to the Vegas Strip expect roundtrip rates from $1,2000 to $1,4000 for a weekend.