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Business Owners determine that the time has arrived to benefit from the flexibility of plane ownership.

Leisure Travelers like to enjoy their ability to fly to places for Ski Trips, Sports and Recreation.

The choices are unlimited from Single Propellor Aircraft to Twin Turbos. Or from the Very Light Jet to a Medium, Super Medium or large Cabin Luxury Jets.

Leisure and small business flyers will be looking for aircraft types which can be used by single operators–this includes the newest Vision Jets with the very latest technologies for your safety..

The Vision Jet is loaded wiht the latest techhnologies. This includes a build-in Parachute which deploys in case of an emergency.  Additionally this jet has a self landing Button which can be activated in case of an emergency. This jet is designed to be operated by one or two pilots.

The Hondajet is spacious and offers seating for 5 passengers. The placement of the engines provides this aircraft with the agility of a large plane.  This plane is well suited for business travelers. This jetis fuel effciccient and should be considered for flights up to 2.3 hours. 

The most preferred Phenom 300 Jet will take you from LAX to Vancouver or from Houston to Las Vegas. This aircraft has a standup cabin, seating for up to 7 passengers and compares with bigger, more expensive jets in this group.  This plane can be a money maker when used as a charter aircraft since the demand exceeds availability.

We are here to help you make the very best decisions for your Private Jet ownership, lease or Charter

Get a FREE consulting session with one or our Consulting partners to help you locate the very best aircraft for your Business or Pleasure Travel.  We help you develop a list of superior aircraft options and will determine you purchase and ownership costs.

  1. Ownership costs for Very Light Jets, used ricing from $1-2 MM.
  2. Purchase pricing for new light jets, with basic options from $3- to $5 MM
  3. Light Long distance aircraft which includes the Pehnom 300 with seating for 7 with costs from $7.5 to $8.0 MM. With high revenue charter operations to offset costs.
  4. Fraction ownership with 1/7 or 10% ownership
  5. Jet Cards, investments and returns
  6. One demand charters

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