How to get a great deal on a Private Jet

We welcome you “On Board” as a first time flyers–or as a Jet Card Holder who has first hand,  experience with the restrictions and high prices associated with Jet Cards and Fractional Ownerships. 

Private Jets can be “Pricey” and may have kept you on the sidelines. Take a moment and explore some of the options which makes the Private Jet a “Best Buy” for your next Business Trip or Vacation. Some of the options may surprise you. Read on:

Explore Jet deals and the price you pay

Before you start looking for prices and deals understand that you will be charged for Charters or Jet Rentals by the hours. Aircraft with the most seats and larger distance they operate nonstop with the priced accordingly. You may be surprised  to learn that over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,000 miles. The newest group of Private Jets are priced from $1,900 per hour.  Here are the Jet Aircraft which are in the Very Light Category. The rate very high in affordability and comfort:

  1. The Vision Jet has seating for 3-5 passengers. This plane is high tech with a build-in parachute and self landing system. Rates start at $1,900 per hour. This aircraft is available at most West Coast airports. The rear bench is used for baggage, limiting seating to 3 guests.
  2. The Hondajet and Citation M2 offer a larger cabin with a fully enclosed washroom and WIFI. Each of the jets has a spacious baggage compartment. Prices from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. The higher rates apply on weekends and during peak holiday periods and events. You will be able to fly a Very Light Jet from Las Vegas to Seattle or from Dallas to the Vegas Strip.  The aircraft are operated by a Captain and First Officer.  The Citation M2 with seating for 5 is in very high demand.
  3.  Fly Private Vegas offers you all types of Private Jets with seating for 4-30 travelers.

Need a bigger Jet at a Great Price?

The Phenom 300 with seating for 7 passengers is one of the newest and big winners when compared with Midsize Jets like the Hawker 800 or the Lear 60. You benefits from a spacious standup interior and a fully enclosed washroom. Rates for the Phenom 300 range from $3,500 to $4,000. At least $500- to $800- less than a Hawker Jet.

Great fuel efficiency contributes to lower charter costs for you. This Jet is in high demand with availability in Orange County CA and LAX

Save 30-60% on Private Jet Charters

Open legs are flights which are operated after the aircraft and crew deliver passengers to their destination–the Jet will return to base without any travelers and not earn any income for the operator, The Operator will be eager to make any type of deal to receive some income to offset the costs for Crew Costs and Fuel.

Flights are posted on our search system and sold to the highest bidder. Your savings range from 30-60%. For example a flight from LAX to the Vegas Strip with a Hondajet will be priced at $6000- as an open leg you will be paying $3,000 or $600- per seat. (Pro-rated).

Flying on a Large Gulfstream to Maui Hawaii will now cost you $60,000- compare this to a regular cost of $120,000 for a 16 seat jet. You will benefit from more options when you have a flexible schedule–you will have mor options in  the bussy charter markets like LAX to Las Vegas and New York to Florida Airports.

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

Avoiding Jet Cards which require up front investments of $25,000 to $250,000 is a smart move. Brokers and operator will offer some 70 plus Jet Cards which require you to adhere to specific booking regulations and aircraft types. Fractional Ownerships require you to purchase 1/7th or 10% of a Private Jet. It’s like a timeshare which is not an option for most flyers.

Rent a Private Jet like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft–you only pay for the charters hours. No risks or obligations on your part.

How much will you pay for a Private Jet?

Get a quote- it simple. Please include your flight schedule(s) and seats you may need. Feel free to include the type of aircraft your prefer–other -wise our team will review your request and search for the best options based on the best pricing and availability. We will meet your needs and expectations as follows: Step One- Receive several quotes which include photos and images with seating chart of the aircraft interior. You will be able to view the seating and cabin layout.

Compare several aircraft types with side-by-side pricing.

After you compare and decide take one quote and the Jet Operator will provide you with a Guaranteed Rate and flight schedules.

You may accept the offer and hold the aircraft with your credit card. You pay for your charter 24/72 hours before flight departure 

Accept our $1000 gift certificate

Getting Married, or are you planning a Proposal on the Las Vegas Strip. Fly Private Vegas and the Las Vegas Wedding connection offer you  a $1000- Gift Certificate. It’s yours when you bundle a Private Jet with your wedding proposal. Please visit for the details-

Your Private Jet is yours with full support at 702-336-7345

No need to deal with Bots or long waits–fast quotes with fully transparent quotes are yours to compare. The tools you need to make an intelligent decision. No worries, all our Team Members are full time employees, we will not sell you on costly memberships or prepaid cards. Never a fee to secure a quote from hundreds of operators. Please take a moment to review your quote–it will include complimentary offers for upgrades, complimentary WIFI and dining options. 

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