Jet Charters Big savings with open legs

Understanding how Open Legs work and save you from 30-60% on your next flight. It’s not complicated, a Private Jet will take a party from LAX to Las Vegas on a Friday evening for a weekend on the Vegas Strip. After the jet delivers the passengers to a Strip Private Airport the plane will return, back to base without any passengers.

This flight segment is an Open Leg. No passengers and no income-revenue. The Charter operator is eager to sell this flight at a deep discounted rate to recover the costs for crew time and fuel.

When you buy the trip from Vegas to LAX you could save from 30-60%

How much are Open Legs

Empty legs are posted by all the flight operators on their own systems and the In-House-Inventory at Fly Private Vegas and our partners at Vegas Express Jet. The inventory is updated hourly, daily or weekly. Some flights are booked instantly–normally flights are available and posted 3-30 days before departure. Here is a sample of the Open Leg Price for a flights from LAX to Las Vegas. A typical one way price for a Citation M2 from LAX to Las Vegas is about $6,000- the M2 has 5 seats. Based on a pro-rated cost the seat price is $1,200-.

In case you would by this aircraft as an open leg your costs may be reduced to $600- Bottomline- OPEN legs are a great option.

Jet deals on Open Legs

You discover great deals on flights from Las Vegas and LAX to New York Teterboro, Hawaii, London, Paris or Rome. This includes you ability to secure a Gulfstream IV with 12 or 14 seats or a 19 Seat Challenger from Las Vegas or Ft. Lauderdale. A flight for a Gulfstream IV with 14 seats will be yours at half price. Our Team Members will be here to help you secure the most preferred flights.  May we suggest that you start your search 30 days before departure. You will experience greater availability  for flights between LAX and New York and Vegas to LAX or San Francisco which are busy flight markets for Private Jet Travel.

May we suggest that you contact our Airport desk at 703-336-7345. There is no risk or obligation on your part. It’s a smart move to instantly accept a great offer, you may experience that the demand for Open Legs is very high during the weekends. 

Open legs, updates on availability

Our Team Members will keep you updated at all timesFrom the moment you request an Open Leg we will keep you updated on availability

No risks on your part to secure open legs, no payments. All you need to share is your preferred flight schedule. Open legs are typically posted between 3-30 days before the flight takes place. Do understand, most flights will be available int the busy markets such as LAX to Las Vegas, Santa Barbara to Orange County (SNA) or between New York and Florida Airports. Since availability frequently changes, we recommend that you call our airport desk at 702-720-2449. Ask for the Open Leg Team.