Luxury Takes Flight with the Customized Airbus A319 Aircraft- Experience the benefits of flying Private with total flexibility

Your selection is unlimited with Very Light, Light, Medium, Super Medium, Large Cabin and Commercial Jets

Super Luxury Airbus (Top)

Very Light Citation M2 and Honda Jet Center with rates from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour.

Super Midsize Gulfstream 200 with seating for 10 passengers. Fly Coast to Coast from $4,900 per hour

Help you select

Managing you budget

Hundreds of quotes are shared with Private Jet Flyers.  Do explore a totally different way to secure a quote for a Private Jet. With our in-house leading edge technologies we have the ability to share your charter request with over 70 FAA Authorized Operators who compete for your business.  We do all the work for you and share the very best aircraft options with you.  This includes Aircraft photos , seat maps and all details of each aircraft.  From Wi-Fi options to baggage space and washroom facilities. Download “side-by-side” charter costs which include all taxes and fees.  

Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 1,500 miles.  Aircraft in this group accommodate from 3 to 5 passengers. Rates from $2,300 per hour. Our Team Members will be here to help you select a cost efficient Jet for your journey.