Jet Costs for a Turbo Jet

Sky Hig Charter Prices are coming down- the pandemic was directly responble for high demand and shortage of flight crew members. We are no back to a new normal with strong competition for your bookings.  This is the very best time to search for a Private Jet Charter, Rental or Lease. Please read on and download the information you need to get a great deal on a Private Jet. Look for the best planes and price options and start you search. We will be here to assist from start to finish for your Luxury Experience.

THE PILATUS PC 12, is a Swiss Turbo Jet, made like a fine Swiss watch this plan has up to 6 seats. This Turbo Jet is a great for shorter trips under 1,000 miles. You will be delighted with the interior. A great Charter price is yours in exchange for a slightly lower speed of 230nm per hour.

Jet Prices, Very Light Jets

THE HONDAJET, One of the newest leading edge Very Light Jets. This Private Jet has a spacious cabin has over the wing jet engines which are very unique to this design. The aircraft has a fully enclosed washroom and is yours to enjoy with Complimentary WIFI and a generous bar and beverage package. Keep this jet on top of your charter list with a  great price.

Jet Prices the Cessna Citation

THE CESSNA CITATION M2. This plane with an interior designed by BMW, feels like a bigger jet with a great setaing plans and ample room for baggage and pets. The Jet is yours with a wide selection of WIFI-Video programs for your enjoyment. The Bar and Beverage package includes a wide selection of cocktails and fruit juices. A generous snack package is provided for each flight. 

Jet Costs, Las Vegas

LOW  CHARTER PRICES, GET YOUR QUOTE: Hourly charter costs for the Pilatus PC 12 start at $2,500 per hour. This is your all- inclusive price which includes your hourly charter costs, Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%. The price you pay.

GET YOUR PRICE: You are invited to get your charter price here, follow our simple steps and we do all the work for you:

01) Discuss Budget and Preferences: Together with one of our Flight Planners, we will identify the most suitable aircraft for your journey. This include you budget plans. 

02) Secure your aircraft options, with several aircraft types and pricing options. Help you select the best options and include open legs whenever available. 

03) Prepare a final itinerary and secure flight confirmations for you travel schedule.

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Aircraft TypeSeatingRangeCruise SpeedBaggage 
Challengers 604123400nm520mph115cu.ft 
Phenom 30072010nm458mph84cu.ft 
Hondajet Elite61223nm422mph57cu.ft 
Citation M26694nm465mph46cu.ft 
Pilatus PC 246-81525nm505mph90cu.ft 

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