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As a Private Jet Portal our mission is very simple. Have your experience full transparency when you consider a Private Plane for your next business trip or vacation. We respect your budget and need to compare.  Feel free to ask us for a quote.

Just in case you are looking for a Personalized Jet Card in a fancy case, you may be at the wrong place. You would be best served by on the of the Mega Charter firms like NETJETS. Our firm is totally focused on the smaller Business and Vacation Traveler. If you fly under 150 hours per year “On Demand Charters” are you very best and only option. Take a flight like you reserve a taxi or ride with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for the Charter Hours. You simply have no risks or obligations. 

Searching for a Private Jet can be a fustrating experience–we will make every effort to make your quotes simple without any legal terms or restrictions. Above all you will not be required to pay for a quote or become a member. 

Your quotes include the images of the aircraft interior and seating charts. You will be able to determine the availability of WIFI services, Catering such as Bar and Beverage Services. Baggage space and avaialability of washrooms.



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Our Team Members include Flight Planners and a full time Travel Planner. We help you understand which type of plane will be best for your journey. Our Team is assisting owners of Jet Cards who are eager to seek refunds and wish to benefit from total freedom of choice. Our quotes will be based on your schedule and number of seats you require–however if you have a flexible schedule consider open legs which may further reduce your charter flight and rental costs by 40-50%.

Welcome, call our airport desk at 702-336-7345. No request is too small!