Pet Parents, bring your furry friends

Get an Instant Quote. Advantages of flying with your pet on a Private Jets!

  1. Comfort and security. Pets travel with their owner rathar than a below baggage hold.  No risk of losing you dog at airports or hub cities.

  2. Less tarmatic travel experience- you and your pets are more relaxed,

  3. Fly at any time of the year, no heat restrictions or health risks

  4. You can bring two to three pets per flight. Simple update us on the weight and size of your pets.

  5. Follow our check list for Pets, Pets fly Free

Pets fly Free, the document needed!

Consider the following for your journey with your pets: A Pet Passport, a list of all the vaccinations and your Microchip ID- just in case. Bring a blanket which you have used at home to make your pet feel comfortable. Do remember that additional documents may be required for International Travel. Our Air Concierges will be here to assist.  Is your per crated at home–feel free to bring a soft-sided crate with ample room for your dog to stand-up and lay-down. We will send you a Seating Mapfor your review. 

Get A Quote, your Pets fly Free

May we recommend that you call our Airport desk at 702-336-7345 and share your needs with one of our flight planners.  We will view the seating charters for up to 80 Aircraft and determine which aircraft meets your needs.

Optionally we will be sending you multiple aircraft options with side-by side pricing allowing your to compare and decide.

All our Team Members have large and small pets who frequently fly private. All of us are Pet Parents and we will be here to understand your needs and concerns. 

Most frequently used Jets for Pets have includes the Citation M2 with Charter Hour costs ranging from $2,3000 to $2,700 per hour and the Phenom 300 for long haul flights to Seattle and Vancouver, Houston with a rate of $4,000 per hour. Some flight requests include extra stops to meet the bathroom needs of your pets–we will be pleased to share our suggestions and options you may consider.