How much is a Private Jet:

Private Jets are available in the following categories

1)Turbo Props with up t  6 seats

2) Very Light Jets,

3)Light Jets,

4) Medium Jets,

5) Super Medium,

6)Large Cabin Jets.

Turbo Planes

King Air and Pilatus PC 12 with up to 8 seats, charter prices from $1,000 per hour. Select this aircraft for trips to Nevada, California and Arizona. Aircraft is Vegas Based. Well suited for day trips to the California Cities.

Very Light Jets (VLO)

Very Light Jets, this includes the Vision Jet, Citation M2 and the Hondajet. The Vision Jet is a budget option with a reach of 1,ooo miles and seating for 3-5 passengers. The Citation is the most preferred with an interior designed by BMW. Hourly charter prices from $2,900 per hour.

Light – Medium Jets include the Lear 35A with seating for 6 passengers- this is a fast aircraft with regional and coast to caost ranges. Hourly costs range from $4,500 to $5,000

Medium Jets

Medium Jets include the Lear 60, Hawker 800 with seating form up to 8 passengers. Aircraft have a range of 4.5 hours and will be a great choice and option for flights from LAX to Chicago, Dallas to Cleveland or Las Vegas to Seattle. Hour charter costs from $4,700 to $5,200 per hour

Super medium and large cabin jets

Super Medium Aircraft will take you coast to coast, Hawaii and Caribbean. The Challenger 604 provides you with up to 19 seats and is available for Casino Junkets. Prices range from $4.900 to$5,500. For Long Haul Travel to most European Cities, Hong Kong we recommend the Gulfstream 600 or the Global with seating for 14 guests. Prices will start at $6,500 per hour.

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