Private Jets

PRIVATE JETS:  Searching for a Private Plane can be confusing with a wide range of Google Options you will find on your phone or laptop. We are here to help you select the very best Jet Charter for a very afforable price. Learn how to secure a grea deal and avoid crowded airports and save time by departing from a Private Airport Lounge. Enjoy the benefits of Private Jets

Private Jets, All types you need to compare

You will discover that your selection process can be a challenge. You will experience offers from Brokers, Jet Opertaors, firms selling Jet Cards and offers to secure membership deals.  Before you open your wallet understand the best deal for your:

Brokers: This is a group of firms who will collect your information and connect with Operators and secure rates and flight options. They will retrun to you with a Charter rates which includes a “markup” for the their business. You will be paying for their services.  They also may issue a contract operating as a middleman.

On the positive side, you may receive more options for which you pay!

Private Jets Operators

PRIVATE JET OPERATORS: Some may not deal with the public. A number of firms have hundreds of Jet, others may operate with a very small fleets of Jets. Anticipate that some firms will ask you to buy Prepaid Jet Cards with upfront investments of $25,000 to $250,000. Carefully review such agreements with your financial planner.  Other options will include Fractional ownerships where your purchase a 1/7th or 10% of an aircraft. 

You may wish to leave such options to very wealthy individuals or corporations.

Private Fly Options, you may select and save

Renting a Private Jet may be simplified when you Charter a Private Plane like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft.  No need for Jet Cards or upfront payments. Fly Private Vegas Offers you  a simple Jet Rental Options without loosing your flexibility and options.

How does it work?

  1. FLY PRIVATE VEGAS has some 80 Plus Alliance Charter Operator Partners within a High Tech Search System

  2. Each time you request a quote, our leading edge technologies search for the best prices and aircraft options.

  3. Getting a quote is simple, do share you flight plan, dates and destination with the seats you need. No personal information needs, no credit cards required.

  4. Your e-mail message will arrive with a number of aircraft options and side-by-side pricing, Photos on the interior and a seating chart are included. You compare and decide.

  5. Plan to proceed?- Receive a Charter proposal with Guaranteed rates and Flight Schedules. Move forward and hold your booking with a Credit Card or make a Bank Payment. You will pay for your charter 24/48 hours before flight departure.

SUPPORT AT 702-720-2449. Our Team Members include Flight Planners, Jet Experts and Travel Planners (Certified Travel Planners CTC). Feel free to ask for additional flight options including Open Legs, One Ways and save from 30-60%. No surprises with fully transparent quotes, no hidden charges or fees.

Our Most recent flights and aircraft:

Open Legs, Las Vegas-New York to London. One Ways Las Vegas to John Wayne, Sacramento and San Jose. Roundtrips to Dallas, Austin and New Orleans. Most requested Jets: The Honda Jet, Citation M2, Learjet 60 and Challenger 604 

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