Do you need a Private Jet Advisor

You may be one of our Frequent Private Flyers who is planning to own a Private Jet. Or a Business which is gowing and needs to visit clients in smaller markets which are not being served by the commercial airlines. Our clients typically own Jet and continue to discover that restrictions and higher rates do not meet their personal and business needs. 

With hundreds on options it may be a challenge to determine how and when to secure help and support.  We may be able to help you determine which options are best suited for your business and personal needs.  We will offer you an in-depth view of a marimid of options. From Jet Rentals, Jet Leases, Partial Ownership and the potential use of hundreds of Jet Cards.


Or you may consider your plane as a potential source for charter revenues. Aircraft costs for a Very Light Jet will range from $2-5 Million. This includes the Hondajet, the Citation M2 and the lower priced Vision Jet.  Charter demand is up by 30%, the Pandemic and challenges customers experience with commercial airlines are driving demand for other solutions.


Each of our Team Members has over 10 plus years experience in the Private Jet Industry.  This includes the on-going support our firm provides for FAA Part 135 authorized operators. 

Do remember that the aircraft purchase and type of aircraft will have a direct impact on your ownership costs. 

Our Team Members will determine which options are based suited for your travel needs.  Other issues such as tax benefits should be considered before your take off!



We are here to assist- our first consultation is free of charge.

The first meeting of 30 minutes is Free of Charge, we like to help you address your needs, travel patterns and future needs for your business and leisure travel. Selecting the best aircraft is critical since it will directly impact the costs of the aircraft and on-going expenses for Crew, Maintenance, Insurance and fuel costs.  Our assignment will include the need to provide you with a series of solutions. It possibly could include a mix of Private Jet and Commercial flying. We have a small team of Jet Experts and have been able to serve Business Groups, FAA Part 135 Operators and assisted new start-up airlines secure FAA Certifications. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the solutions you need to benefit from a wide range of solutions. Please contact us at P.702-336-7345.



How much is your Consulting Fee?

It will be our mission to discover your needs during a casual free interview- we will discus your past travel and future needs and expectations,  

Under certain circumstances ownership issues have been considered, however they were replaced with lease or fractional ownerships where to client buys a 1/7th or 1/10 share of a Private Jet. 

We have been able to provide cost efficient solutions for hundreds of clients. Our process is secure and safe–we do not sell or operate aircraft and we will provide you with a non-disclosure document for your safety and security concerns.

None of our solutions are derived from Cookie Cutter Templates–we know that each of our clients has very special needs which deserve our research to ensure that we address all issue related to aircraft operations, safety, ownership costs and bottom-line tax issues.  Feel free to contact us at 702-336-7345. We do not collect personal information unless you determine that the data shared is business critical. 

We encourage you to consider any of our Membership programs which includes our FREE Silver program. Please contact us for details.


For additional support, please contact our Managing Director Han Geskes CTC. Visit his direct line at 702-720-2449. No request is too small.