Welcome to the Las Vegas Strip

Welcome to your Las Vegas Resort with a stay at the Bellagio, Wynn, the Aria, Caesars. We are here to share the very best of the Glitz and Glitter of the Las Vegas Strip. How you can be enjoying a Private Jet from your hometown and experience the wide selection of Comps that await you from Luxury Suites to Fine Dining, Shows and tickets to big games. 

How to get invited and enjoy the comps.

If you are a frequent visitor, a Poker Player you have made certain that you are well connected with your Casino Host. He is eager to keep guests on the Casino Floor and entice you with fine dining and suites during your stay. In case you are not in this group you will be able to secure the very same benefits. For example you could bring a group of your Golf Club to Las Vegas and negotiate for special concessions such as Golf Outings and Room and Suite options. This is even more tempting for Casino Hosts if you can make it a midweek visit. 

How to get a great deal on a Private Jet

Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you- as a Private Jet Technology Portal we provide you with rate quotes from over 80 Private Jet Companies.

Charters are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional ownership.

You will be able to avoid membership fees and totally control your budget.

Receive multiple aircraft options with side-by-side pricing for your trip. No risks for hidden charges since your price is fully guaranteed with your flight confirmations. You will be able to select the quote or ask for mor options. You will be able to call our airport desk at any time at 702-72-2449. 

Group Travel, you may earn your free trip

We help you connect with one of our Casino Hosts and help you plan a trip with a seocial or sports group for an amazing visit to the Vegas Strip. You may qualify for a wide range of complimentary benefits. From Room Suites to Dining Options and Shows in exchange for you group to spend time on the Casino Floor. Optionally we will be pleased to provide you with group and charter groups allowing you to earn free travel for a group of 10-14 participants.

Please contact our group desk at 02-336-7345



Day Tours and Packages:

  1. Day Tours to Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon

  2. Day flights to Napa Valley and California Central Coast 

  3. Special Air Package to Disneyland Ca via the John Wayne Airport