Private jets Carlsbad to Vegas

Private Luxury Flights are yours to enjoy on your Vegas Visit. Leave from the Palomar Airport, with ample parking and no lines, arrive on the Vegas Strip within an hour.

Minutes away from the Las Vegas Wynn Resort. So much extra time for you to explore the pool, casino floor or visit the Sportsbook. You will be close to the Bellagio, Aria and Caesars Palace.  Flying Private is a smart move saving you a long ride.

Your limousine will meet you planeside, your bags will be in the limo.

It’s a pleasure to avoid the long lines and enjoy more time at the pool or any of your cool places at your resort

Enjoy the very same experience on your return- no lines, no TSA and no need to arrive early for your flight. 

Private Jets Vegas

THE PHENOM 300: Designed by Embraer this aircraft has a total of 7 seats- this plane has a standup cabin which is a very special feature of this small business jet. The Cabin interior and layout is designed by BMW with comfortable seating and ample leg room. 

WIFI is free of Charges plus your bar and beverage services include a wide range of miniature cocktails, soft drinks and a generous snack basket! On your return flight,

Fly Private Vegas will provide you with breakfast services, or custom crafted sandwiches from the Panera Bakary-freshly prepared to meet your wishes. Simply select from our menu options shared by our Concierge Team before your flight.

Private Jet Costs

Fly Private Vegas secures quotes and rates directly from 80 Plus, FAA Authorized Charter operators–Our Alliance Partners are here to compete for your business. We share the best quotes with you, arriving at your inbox. The entire process is fully transparent– No need to purchase pricey jet cards or memberships. Saving you the middleman fees of up to 30%. Follow three simple steps!

STEP ONE: Get A Quote, simply share your flight schedule and destination- plus the number of seats you need. Fly Private Vegas will do all the work for you.

STEP TWO: Arriving at your inbox a series of quotes with aircraft photos and seating charts. You special services such as Catering and WIFI services will be included in your quote. Prices for each aircraft type will be shown side-by-side.

STEP THREE: You select any of the options and receive a Guaranteed Price and Flight Confirmations. Just in case feel free to ask for additional quotes or different aircraft types.

Private Jet Luxury, support 702-336-7345

Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet have served the Resort Industry since the year 2,001. Our Flight planners and Air Concierge Team are here to assist. No request is too small. You are invited to visit our fleet, please click here.

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Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet have served the Las Vegas Strip VIP Flyers for 20 plus years. Featuring hundreds of Aircraft Types- we make the difference with rate quotes from over 80 plus operators. You benefit from full transparency and no hidden charges or fees. No need to purchase Pricey Jet Cards or memberships. .

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Private Jets to Vegas

With hundreds of Jet option, explore a wide range of Aircraft Options, from the very best and lowest costs for Turbo Jets to the newest Hondajet and Phenom 3000. We understand you as flying is very personal. A good flight means feeling relaxed. Whenever you need support, there is up-front commitment required. We are here to asssist you with a wide range of aircraft and charter options.each quote is fully transparent- no hidden fees or charges. All our Team Members are full time–no need for long forms, call us with your needs. Airport desk at 702-336-7345. Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Resorts for over 20 years! No request is too small.