Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Reduce your Private Jet Charter costs by 30-60% and take charge of your Rent Rental. We developed a list of the steps you should take before you start your journey. No worries, we do not sell you on Memberships or Services, download your information here:

Rent a plane in the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. Only pay for your charter- avoid pricey prepaid Jet Cards and Membership Fees. STEP ONE: Make Certain that you have the ability to view multiple quotes–we can do the work for you.

STEP TWO: Look for the best aircraft for your trip. Don’t buy more seats than you need. Remember this, over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 2,3 hours–or about 1000 miles. You should consider one of the newest Very Light Jets. Consider the Cessna Citation M2 or the Hondajet, each with seating for 5 travelers. Bigger savings are yours when you consider a slightly slower Turbo Prop. You will be pleased with the Pilatus PC12 with up to 7 seats. This aircraft is build in the Swiss Alps. Select this plane for trips to all the California, Arizona, Nevada Airports.

STEP THREE:  You may need a bigger plane for trips of 4 hours plus, our clients and business flyers prefer the Phenom 300. This Jet comes with a standup cabin and offers seating for 7.

This plane is a great choice with availability at Carlsbad and LAX airports. Just in case you need assistance selecting the best plane for your mission, please feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345. Our flight planners are here to assist–no worries our staff members are full time Jet and Travel Experts.

Private Jet to Vegas

You will have a wide range of aircraft options, here are some options and prices:

1) Turbo Prop PC12 Aircraft with up to 7 seats, $2000-2100 per hour.

2) Very Light Jets which included the Vision Jet, The Cessna Citation M2 or Hondajet with 5 seats. Expect Hourly charter costs from $2,900 to $3,300 per hour.

3) Phenom 300 Business Jet with rates from $3,900 per hour. 4) Midsize Jets which include the Hawker 800 from $4,2000 per hour.

4) Super Midsize Jets with up to 12 seats. This includes the Challenger 601-604 series with up to 12 seats with hour charges from $4,900 to $5,500 per hour.

Feel free to ask us for Hourly Charter fees for the Gulfstream IV, V, 550 for International flights, Hawaii and Caribbean.

Charter Deals, Open Legs save 30-60%

Open legs are flights which are operated by the flight operator after a guest is delivered to a destination–the aircraft and crew return to base without any revenues.

Operators are eager to sell such flights at deep discounted rates. Charter Operators will post such flights on our in-house Charter Portal. Availability is subject to constant changes. Our Airport desk will be pleased to help you select the best flights–the savings are yours. It pays to have some schedule flexibility.

For availability and reservations contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345. No charge or fees apply!

Jet to Vegas, how much is my private jet?

Getting your prices is a simple process. All it takes is your flight plan with the city you travel from to your destination with the number of seats your need.

Fly Private Vegas/Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you- watch your inbox for aircraft details, flight schedules and seating plans.

You will be updated on bar services, wifi, baggage space and catering options from Open Bar to Meal services. The prices for the jet types are displayed side-by-side.

Feel free to select the best quote and we will supply you with a Guaranteed Quote and Flight Confirmations. Review, consider and approve.

Our concierge will contact you and help you with the locations of the Private Lounges and your flight schedules.

No worries, your flight is not charges until 24-72 hours before departure. Get your quote here!


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