How to enjoy a Private Jet for Less

Let us take you to your next Private Jet Journey and share the experience from your departure to your arrival. It’s not complicated and we will keep is simple and help you download the details you need.

We help you with your shopping trip for a great deal and share the “Secret Sauce” to a great deal with substantial cost savings. We follow this with your departure and the reception you receive in a Private Lounge-you can’t compare this with Crowded Commercial Airport and TSA check-points

From here we welcome you on board–your flight team members. Let’s Go from Here, welcome on Board!


No crowded terminals, no TSA you will enjoy a Private Lounge with Coffee, all Types of Refreshments. Comfortable seating.

Your Private Jet will be at the Private Lounge-Terminal 30 minutes prior to your departure time.  One of the Flight Officers or Flight Attendant will meet and greet you in the Lounge. It will take a moment to verify your ID to ensure that’s you!

From here you will be escorted to your plan, a short ride may be required. Your bags will be on board in Minutes.



The entire plane is yours, take a seat and discover a comfortable environment with no long lines and waiting. Start with a Glass of Wine or simply lay back and discover your connections for WIFI and Entertainment.  After Take-Off enjoy the open bar services with a wide selection of Cocktails. Your meal services may include custom crafted sandwiches, fruit platters or a full course dinner. The crew members will update you on your flight schedule and arrival time.



Your limousine, rental car will be waiting for you on the Tarmac.  Within minutes you will be on your way to your hotel, business meeting and feel totally relaxed.  Your Concierge Team will have taken care of all your reservations for you Hotel-Resorts and for leisure activities. 


  • Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the Air). Take a Private Jet like you take a trip with UBER or Lyft and only pay for the Charter Hours.
  • Start with a FREE quote, all it takes is your flight schedule and number of seats you need.
  • You receive a quote in your e-mail inbox with several aircraft options, compare seating plans and interior details. You will be able to view the charter costs for each aircraft side-by-side. You compare and decide.
  • Receive a charter proposal/agreement with Guaranteed Rates and Flight confirmations. You are in full charge. Keep your aircraft option with your credit card or pay with a Bank Check wire. The Choice is yours.

SUPPORT IS HERE 24/7 AT 702-336-7345

The moment you book your Private Jet Journey, our Team Members are here to assist with round transfers, catering or special support services. Our Team Members include, flight planners, travel planners who address any service needs you may have.

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Visit us at Vegas Express Jet for additional options- we are Las Vegas Homebased with 20 years of services to the Resorts with a Five Star Plus rating. All aircraft and operators are ARG/US Gold and Platinum rated. Amongst the highest quality and security ratings in the Private Aviation Industry.