Private Jet, sharing your empty seats. The very best option to fly private and use all your seats.

You may charter your private jets and invite others to share the costs of your empty seats.  Flying Private and ensuring that all seats are used helps you reduce your costs. You may invite your friends and family and use your Social Networks  to encourage others to join you and your guests.


  • Start by securing a quote and book your Private Jet Rental- Charter
  • Let our Flight Team-Air Concierge know that you like to offer your empty seats to other travelers going your way.
  • Fly Private Vegas will post your flights and refer travelers to your address, provided you have given us prior approval to handle such referrals. 
  • Your have the ability to directly communicate with potential travelers to ensure that they are comfortable with you and your guests. Likewise you will be able to decide if the travelers meet your requirements.
  • We will update you on travelers who may be traveling with Pets.
  • You may collect the payments directly- or Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet will invoice the travelers crediting your charter account.

Get a quote and share your open seats!

Fly Private Vegas let’s compare several aircraft and prices side-by-side.  You will be able to select from hundreds of aircraft from 4-30 seats.  Explore your options, no risks or need for credit cards or personal information:

  • Ask for a quote, all you need is your flight schedule and number of seats needed
  • Your inbox will include detailed quotes and aircraft information. Doe my aircraft have WSIFI, is a flight attendant included. View a seating chart and photos of the aircraft interior. View charter costs for several planes types side-by-side.
  • All the work is done for your by the Flight Team at Fly Private Vegas.  You select a plane and receive a proposal with Guaranteed rates and your confirmed Flight Schedules.

Carefully review your quote for special upgrades. Complimentary Limousine Services and Free Catering which includes a Generous Bar and Snack Basket. 



Full support is yours, please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.Take advantage of custom crafted itinerariers by our Concierge Team.

Day Tours and Weekend Charters to the California Wineries in Napa Valley, Golf at Pebble Baech

From Seat Sharing to Open Legs and One Way flights-you solutions are here, please contact our airport desk and we will be here to connect you with our Flight Planners, Concierge Team and our Travel and Wedding Advisors.

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Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. No need for Pricey Memberships or hidden fees or charges. Full disclosure of all Charges and Fees in your Charter Proposal. We are here to assist you selling and promoting your open seats, they way you like it.