Private Flights to Las Vegas

You’re invited to take a trip on us before you ever arrive on the Las Vegas Strip- experience this special journey with us and we will be here to “Welcome you On Board”. Just in case–this is your very first Private Jet Journey you should know that you can travel as a star, business or vacation flyer. It all starts when you plan your trip to Vegas–this time you should be seraching for your own Private Plane Charter. Here is how you start your trip.

Charter Flights to Vegas

You will be able to visit a Broker or go directly to a charter operator. The choice is totally yours. Charter Brokers will send you a quote and include a commission and charges to cover their costs. Or they may be offering Jet Cards or Memberships. Additional costs abd fees which may increase the costs of your Jet. You also may be willing to contactJet Owners and Operators direct–now you will receiving Jet options from firms with a couple or hundreds of aircraft. I may be confusing and complicated. Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you. This may be your very best solution, its totally free of charge!

How much is my Private Jet to Vegas

All the work is done for you by the 80 Plus Private Jet Operators of Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet. Toke a moment to get your best planes and prices. All it takes is three sample steps- no risks or obligations on your part. Rent a Jet like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft- you only pay for the Charter Hours. That’s all, explore your three step options: 

STEP 1, Simply ask for a quote and submit you flight schedule and number of seats you need. 

STEP 2, Open you in-box (also check you spam box) with a quote which includes several aircraft type with photos and images of the interior. You will be able to compare seating charts, Bar services, Wifi and view a seating chart. You will notice that each aircraft has side-by-side prices allowing you to compare the total costs for each plane–this includes all taxes.

STEP 3, Like to select a quote-we will be sending you a link to the Charter Operator, simply download your Guaranteed Price with all fees and taxes enclosed and the confirmation for your flight.

Private Plane-all included in your price

RIVATE JETS WITH “FLY PRIVATE VEGAS AND VEGASEXPRESSJET” ARE 30% LESS THAN JET CARDS OR FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP. No need to buy pricey memberships or invest into pre-paid jet cards with up-front payments from $25,000 to $250,000. You start you Private Plane charter at your local airport. This time you will depart from a Private Lounge, no TSA and No lines. One of your flight crew members or flight attendant will meeet you in the lounge. Arriving 15 minutes before departure is you new normal when you fly Private. The entire jet, cabin is yours. It a smart move to