Small Private Jets, you select

A totally new generation of Small Private Jets is here to compete for your business. The newest Very Light Jets (VLJ) are price affordable for small business owners with prices   from $5-7 Million. The aircraft are more sustainable with lower fuel consumption. This group of aircraft should be on you wish list for your next Jet Charter or may be ownership? This is a great option to Charter or Rent a Jet and discover that luxury may be a part of your future travel. Read-on and discover you should own or Charter a Small Private Jet.

Small Private Jets, comparison

The Very Light Jets are constructed from the newest and light carbon fibers which are weight and fuel savers. This reflected in the lowest hourly charter costs. On the top of the budget jets is the Pilatus PC12 Turbo with seating for five and an hourly charter price starting under $2,500- this price is all inclusive and covers all hourly fees and FET (Federal Tax of 7.5%) Before you plan your charter please visit our fleet here.

The Cost for a small Private Jet

Over 70% of all Charters within the USA are under 2.3 hours, or under 1,000 miles.

This is why a small private jet should be on your wish list–The Very Light Jet Category will meet all your needs or flights from LAX to Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Scottsdale and get you there at very affordable prices. The Hondajet and the Citation M2 each offer seating for 5 guests, the cabins are roomy with comfortable seating. The M3 has an interior designed by BMW. Please ask us for a cost estimate for your Private Jet flight will a small jet. 

How much is my Private Jet

Shop for your Private Jet and compare your options. Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet will search over 80 Plus Jet operators for the best options and prices. You will receive several aircraft options with price estimates you may compare. Rates are shown side-by-side. All this information is your without anyneed for credit cards or membership requirements, Simply share your schedule, date-time-of travel and the number of seats you need. Watch your e-mail for prices and aircraft details which include you seating charts, updates on WIFI, Baggage Space, Bar services. All in one single place you e:mail inbox.  Ask us for a quote

Small Private Jet to Vegas

You can’t go wrong with a Very Light Jet, this applies to visitors from Southern California who visit the Vegas Strip on a weekend. Make your plans for a Friday- Sunday or Monday weekend and you will be able to avoid lot’s of traffic on the Freeways. Our Concierge Team will welcome you to our homebase on the Las Vegas Corridor. Feel free to ask us for introductions to the Casino Hosts at Caesars, the Wynn or MGM. You may be entitled to comps and special benefits. We welcome you to any of the Strip Airports which include the Signature, Atlantic, North Las Vegas or the Henderson Executive Airports- all minutes away from your resort Sports Books, the pools and new relationships with friends and family. Keep us in you phone and call us anytime at 702-336-7345.


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