How to compare Private Jets with Commercial Airlines


Check in 15 minutes.

Private Lounge Terminal, Luxury Seating,

Refreshments and conference rooms when you need them.

No TSA and no lines.


Check-in required 2-4 hours. TSA check point. Boarding Lounge,Group 9

You with hundreds of strangers. Fight for bin space and bag.

Waiting for bag delivery take an extra 20 minutes.

The Cost of Charter Flights

Vegas Express Jet and Fly Private Vegas are Jet Portals and help you secure direct Charter Proposals from Private Jet Operators–You avoid the middleman Broker and benefit from direct savings.

Fly Private Vegas is a Jet Portal which sources competitive rates for you from 80 Plus Authorized FAA Operators. All firms have the highest quality and safety ratings which are ARG/US Gold and Platinum. None better. Take advantage of our unique Three Step process to secure a series of rate quotes for the type of aircraft selected as the best option for your business trip or vacation.

STEP ONE: Simply ask for quote, all you need is your flight schedule, number of seats needed. (No Credit Card or Personal information is required.

STEP TWO: Arriving at your inbox, quotes for several aircraft types with flight schedules, seating charts and side-by-side pricing. You compare and decide.

STEP THREE: Receive a confirmation for the quote and aircraft you selected. Your price is Guaranteed the same applies to your flight schedule. Note the registration and ownership of your plane is fully disclosed.

Get your quote, know the cost of your Private Jet Rental-Charter

Exprience the difference at Fly Private Vegas and our partnership with Vegas Jet at Vegas Express Jet. We do not offer pricey jets cards with up-front invetsments of $25,000 to $250,000. We help you avoid membership fees.With Fly Private Vegas you will be able to charter a jet in the same way you take a ride with UBER and Lyft. You only pay for the Charter Hours and Federal Tax of 7.5%. We provide the quotes and information allowing you to make an intelligent decision. We extend hundreds of quote and are here to provide you with the information you need. Please follow to the request page.. No risks. obligations on your part. Visit us here

Limited time offer. Complimentary Dining and Bar Services, a limited time offer.

You are invited to take advantage of our special offers which are detailed in your quote: Complimentary Free Bar, Beverage Services with in-flight dining options. View our menu which is included in you quote. Limousine services or Car Rentals. All special offers apply to flights departing from Las Vegas. For further details contact us at 702-336-7345 Details for Complimentary Bar and Dining services are included in your charter quote.

Select your favorite meals and bar services from our menu options. Have questions please ask for our Air Concierge Team at 702-336-7345

How to Get The Best Price on a Luxury Private Jet

Please ask us for a quote, here. You will receive a detailed pricing for several aircraft. You have the tools to make an intelligent decision. Like to visit our Fleet options follow us here. 

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