Vegas Jet Prices, Savings

Vegas Jet Costs "How to save big"

You’re invited to download the information you need to save big on your next flights. Stay with us and understand which airplanes are your best buys and offer you the luxury and comfort. It’s your mission how the “Secret Sauce” of flying Private allows you to save big–and we do all the work for you.

  1. Select the Private Jet you need–don’t buy more seats than you need.
  2. Should you consider the newest Very Light Jets like the Hondajet
  3. Flying longer distances, jet types and prices
  4. Get a quote and compare costs side-by-side.
  5. Get Free Perks and support!

Select the Private Jet you need


With most flights under 2.3 hours the newest category of Very Light Aircraft are you very best option.  The Hondajet and the Citation Jets have a range of 1,000- to 1,200 miles. Great options for trips from Phoenix to Las Vegas. John Wayne and Bob Hope to Sacramento or Napa Valley.

Lower rates are available with the Cirrus Vision Jet from Santa Barbara and Van Nuys CA. Expect rates to start under $1,900 for this Budget Jet with the newest technologies and safety systems. This includes a build-in parachute and self landing system.


Jet Prices for the Phenom 300

A bigger Jet allows you to fly further and helps you avoid needless fuel stops–time waisted which costs you money since charters are priced by the hour.

The Phenom 300 is a Light/Midsized Aircraft with 7 seats. This is the preferred jet for business travelers.  Take this Jet from Chicago (Deerfield) to the Las Vegas Strip or from Vegas to San Antonio or Austin TX. Hourly rates from $3,500- to $4,000 per hour.  

The Phenom 300 is spacious with a Standup Cabin and a fully enclosed washroom. Complimentary WIFI services and a generous selection of beverages and cocktails.

How much is a Vegas Jet?

  1. How much is your jet?- simply take a moment to share your flight schedules and number f seats you need. We will do all the work for you. No need for Credit Cards or personal information
  2. Your e-mail will arrive with several aircraft types and options. Take a moment to view the cabin, seating chart and side-by-side prices which are secured from 70 Plus operators.  We share the best deals and options with you.
  3. Receive a Guaranteed Rate quote, with fully transparent costs for taxes (7.5% FET) and all other fees. No hidden costs or charges.  You may ask for additional quotes or opt-inn with your credit card and hold your plane. Final payment is charged to your credit card 24/72 hours before departure–or you may pay via a Bank Wire Payment.

Our Team Members are here to answer any questions, it’s safe and secure. We will be pleased to assist owners of Jet Cards–or just in case you’re planning to upgrade from Commercial Air to the Private Jet Experience. For 24/7 support call our Airport Desk at 702-336-7345.

  • Review your charter proposal which includes your special catering options such as Open Bar and Complimentary meal services
  • Upgrades at Hotels and Resorts by Our Concierge Team 
  • Custom Crafted itineraries to the National Parks by Private Car or Helicopter
  • Day trips to the California Wineries, Disney and Golf at Pebble Beach
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