Private Jets to Paris, London, Bordeaux, Rotterdam or Naples

Fly to over 4,000 airports, in the USA and Europe. The Global, Gulfstream Family Jet offer up to 16 seats.  Need to go to Hong Kong for  a Business Meeting the G600 has ample range for a Nonstop Flight.  Business and Family Travelers now will be able to travel without long stopovers at Crowded airport such as London Heathrow and Amsterdam. 

Fly to airports like Rotterdam or Lyon, Marseille with fast connection by Private Car or Rail.

  • Enjoy the benefits of fully reclining, lay flat sleeper seats
  • WIFI services- some aircraft offer Over Water Satellite  Services
  • The inflight services with special dining options and in-flight sports and entertainment program
  • Pre-clearance of your entire group by customs, saving you time at your destination.

Total Flexibility is yours:

  • Your own schedule, wth evening departures from any US City and Morning arrivals in Europe. Optionally consider a day flight from Eastern US airports for late evening arrivals.
  • You will be able to to book a one way charter and return via Commercial Air Business Class
  • HOW MUCH IS MY PRIVATE JET CHARTER TO EUROPE: rates will be very close to First Class Rates- if not lower when you utilize all available seats and pro-rate the seat costs. 
  • Please consult with our air concierge team for the best aircraft and seating your require.


Full services and support are yours with a wide Range of Perks. From upgrades to complimentary limousine services and dining packages.  Please contact our Air Concierge Team for support at 702-3366-7345.

No need for credit card or personal information.

Fly Private Vegas, the vey best solutions and advise for your next Jet Rental-Charter

Private Fly Vegas provides you with the solutions yo need for all your Private Flights:

  • All types of Business and Leisure Travel
  • Aircraft with seating for 4-30 Travelers.  Sports and Group Travel with Boeing and Airbus commercial jets with up to 340 seats
  • Budget Travel with the newest Hondajet and Cessna Citation Jets
  • Full support from our Jet Team of Flight Planners, Jet Concierges, Travel and Wedding Planners. Contact us at 702-336-7345