Experience the ultimate in luxury travel with Vegas Express Jet! 🚀✨ Our team of jet planners and certified travel experts is ready to whisk you away from the vibrant lights of the Vegas Strip to the serene shores of California’s beaches and wineries. No more cookie-cutter itineraries – each journey with us is meticulously crafted to cater to your unique desires, whether ;s a family getaway or an intimate escape in a luxurious ocean-view suite. When you fly private with reclaim precious vacation time. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to hassle-free journeys from private airport lounges. 🛫Ready to embark on your dream vacation? Give us a call at 1+702-336-7345 and let us handle all the details. Start your journey now and elevate your travel experience, call us at 702-336-7345 for your custom crafted Jet Vacation itinerary.  Vegas Express Jet has all types of Private Planes for your journey!

How much does it cost to fly a Private Jet

Renting a Private Jet can be pricey, take charge and elect one of the best options with very affordable pricing.  The newest group of Very Light Jets allows you to enjoy the benefits of larger aircraft at half the price. For example the Hondajet with seating for five guests has a large comfortable interior. Hourly Jet Rental rates from as low as $2,700 per hour. Take trip from the Vegas Strip to the Big Sur California Coats for as low as $1,600- per person. This is the prorated cost for the Charter from Vegas to the Monterey CA Airport. Or charter a jet for a daytrip to the California Wineries and fly to the Paso Robles airport for a day journey for under $11,000. Our team members will be here to provide you with instant quotes and availability at 1+702-336-7345.

Cool Places to visit with your Private Jet Rental.

Our Vegas Strip Casino Clients are visiting the Monterey CA Coast with stays at Big Sur, the wineries in Napa Valley. Others are making it a Family Vacation at Disneyland or a Beach Visit at San Diego. After a hot summer day in Vegas, you will enjoy a cool summer breeze of the California Coast. Our Travel Planners will be here to custom craft your private jet vacation.

More Vacation Time with your Private Jet

When you Fly Private you save hours and enjoy more time for your vacation. No need for early arrivals, with your departure from a Private Airport lounge arriving 15 minutes before is no problem- one of the crew members will welcome you in the lounge. Or take your Limousine Planeside for an instant departure. Share your preferences with our Flight Planner and we will take care of all the details. After all flying private is a Luxury Experience.

You are invited to experience the difference with Fly Private Vegas a Vegas Express Jet Partner with a defecated team of flight and travel planners. We partner with the Signature network to provide you with upgrades, complimentary breakfast and special incentives. Our Travel Planners will be here to understand your needs and provide you with a fully custom crafted itineraries. You will benefit from the convenience of a Luxury Jet and a very special journey for you and your family. No commitments on your part to start your journey. We move at you pace and welcome your request for early bookings. 

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