Fly Private Vegas

Please visit our fleet here and select your Charter Jet. Our fleet options include the latest and most advanced very light jets.

Please ask us for a quote here. For support call us at 702-336-7345.

No request is too small.

Fly Private Vegas, experience the difference

Unlike your Jet Broker or operator take a moment to explore Fly Private Vegas a division of Vegas Express Jet LLC.

1) You never will be required to purchase pricey prepaid jet cards or memberships.

2) You will be able to receive Free Quotes with any prior commitments.

3) Arriving at your inbox instant quotes with a series of aircraft options and multiple side-by side prices for easy comparisons.

4) Guaranteed Rates and Charter proposals directly to you with flight confirmations.

5) Whenever available expect rate quotes for open-legs with savings from 30-60%


Fly Private Vegas, Instant Quotes with fully transparent pricing.